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Carlos Muniz Morrison | Despachante de Aduanas
Nuestra Empresa

Carlos M.Morrison is the fourth generation of Customs Broker Officers in Uruguay, maintaining in it's different periods the same politics, ethics and morals, not only with the public administration but also with it's private clients looking for the proper updating, for that reason it's our pleasure to be able to express all these words supported by proved facts through 120 years of existence.

In 1981 Carlos Muniz Morrison stats it's own profile, maintaining today many of those clients with whom we started working together years ago.

We give the necessary services in international commerce in a serious, flexible and responsible way.

Our vision is to grow in the international commerce market being alert to all the changes in the activity that might appear, maintaining our job as advisors and collaborators, strengthening our commercial links with an ethic style according to the commerce most important moral rules.

Quality Policy
Regarding our quality policy, we are a group that offers all the services related to the international commerce according to the applicable legislation, generating the best choice for our customers interests.

With the backup of our experience, compromise, personal qualification and suppliers, we try to improve our management in order to be more eficient in our services

We are members of several international commerce cargo agents around the globe.
Carlos Muniz Morrison logistic is a stockholder from Montevideo's fiscal deposit wich gives us the opportunity to offer a storage service in the port area with the highest security and control measures.

In 1999 a new company arise, SAIL & FLY BROKER. This company is the response to the need for an integral service to our clients (door to door).

Sail & Fly Broker

SAIL & FLY BROKER is a company prepared to take marine, air or even land cargo, in its original place, and to make the tracking until the final destination.
To make your cargo arrive on time and efficiently it's a job that depends on many factors.

Our service is to coordinate them all. ( )