“THE CUSTOMS BROKER IS A LINK, A GUIDE, AND A PROMOTOR. THE CUSTOMS BROKER CONSTITUTES THE irreplaceable LINK BETWEEN PRIVATE AND PUBLIC ACTIVITY, in its case, the state, represented by customs and various official entities.”                                                                                                                                                                            ADAU 

We work in an international business world, where companies and communications are developed as if there were no borders. To have the proper locales for each step of the production and trade chain is an essential tool for businesses. The Customs Broker management of these processes is key to achieving efficiency and effectiveness in business activity.

Legally identified as a private agent of public interest, the Customs Broker leads, as a professional, important and various functions of state business in the creation and control of foreign trade operations.

We offer solutions for everything related to import, export and international commerce. In order to achieve that, we are members of several national and international foreign trade freight forwarder networks, and we have a professional team trained in different areas in order to operate according to our clients’ different needs.

Customs (Export, Import, Transit and other customs procedures )

We operate within different areas of international commerce, creatively developing strategies that ensure the fulfillment of national and international customs regimes, seizing its benefits as much as possible.  

We work with all type of shipping, knowing all packaging and labeling requirements.

In order to achieve this we have representatives in all authorized border locations, Uruguayan Free Zones and Free Port of Montevideo.

We perform the agile and proper dispatch of any type of cargo, whether it’s a finished product or raw matter, to any destination and customs regime  definite import, temporary admission, transit, export, diplomatic franchises, etc. - We comply with all regulations, procedures and exemptions of every operation. We control all necessary documentation and manage the collection of compensations, if applicable.

Due to the variety of imported, exported and in transit goods of our clients, we maintain permanent contact with different organizations and control entities (CUSTOMS, MEF, MIEM, etc.).


We have broad experience in outsourcing services and are able to perform as a foreign trade office as well as an external specialized logistics office, operating as internal. We are able to perform purchase orders follow-up, shipping coordination, customs release and international logistics, as well as local. 

 Foreign trade management and consultancy

Our team is dedicated to business consulting, on the basis of the benefits that the Uruguayan law offers, due to the enactment of regulations that favor business development and foreign trade (Free Zone and Port laws). Such laws include customs and tax exemptions for regional trade, which is why our consulting services is comprised of the analysis of transportation, tax overcharge, source, brands, products, prices, amounts, means of payment and collections, and all information related to merchandize trading from origin to country of destination.

We identify and hire the best charter offer, whether it’s by sea, land or air, coordinating international and national transportation. We take into account cargo insurance, cargo control in transit and ease of storage.


We possess representatives in all authorized border offices in the country and have access to storage in all Free Zones. We also offer our own storage service, consolidation and deconsolidation within the Free Port of Montevideo, due to the fact of us being shareholders of Montevideo Deposits (port tax warehouse).